Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vet Visit

Yesterday while at the beach and other times I noticed Serena peeing every 15min or so. I would even take her outside then like 10 min later she would pee again in the house. That is very unlike her so I was starting to think she had a bladder infection. Then she had a pooping accident in the house and it was bloody with worms in it so I called the vet and 2 hours later we were in their waiting room. Turns out Serena had the starts of a bladder infection, a yeast infection in her ears, and round worms. She also got a lepto something something vaccine (I am blanking the name). Let's just say she ran up a very big bill but there was a definite change in her behavior the next day and no more accidents in the house so it was well worth it! The vet's office said she was the best behaved puppy ever.

After the vet's office I still had to go take care of my other child (Reggie) so Serena and I drove up to the barn. After I was done riding the barn was empty so I took Serena into the barn to meet the horses. She kissed Strider on the nose, let Reggie sniff her all over and didn't care when Luke was like "PUPPY!!! Must go make it MINE!" She stayed in a nice heel and fell asleep on the barn aisle while I hung around and talked. Of course I was stupid and forgot my camera at home so no cute horse and puppy photos. Next time! Serena was very tired after her long day and was quite happy to go into her crate at bedtime :-)

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