Friday, January 13, 2012

Jack - Where he is now

I stopped in at Body Fixx yesterday to take pictures of Jack and Tom for graduation.  It was so good to see Mr. Jack again (and of course Tom too!).  I walked in and Jack was chilling on his bed.  He must have just woken up because he was very unsure and out of it at first.  He wandered over to me, took a deep smell and then proceeded to leap for joy and give me the biggest Jack greeting.  There was butt tucking and toy bringing and wiggling and joyous tail wagging.  I felt so loved.  Then Jack proceeded to show me around his domain.  He was very proud of his bed and his toys.  Apparently Tom tried putting his bed in the Body Fixx office and Jack dragged it back out to where it is now.  I am standing in the doorway taking this photo:

Jack: The official greeter at Body Fixx

As you can see Jack insisted on having his bed right in the middle of all the action.

I first took some pictures of Jack and found that he still has cross-eyes.  Oh how I love them.

After Jack's individual photos, Tom showed me how he uses Jack around Body Fixx.  He helps people get up off the floor and LOVES doing brace work:

Tom is about to order Jack his custom walking harness (we had to wait until Jack was finished growing!). When he gets his official harness he will help people walk, go up and down stairs and provide general balance.  Jack also has been trained to get checks from people and then bring them receipts.  

Tom and Jack: 

I was so very happy to see Jack in his element.  He lives for his job at Body Fixx.  He was never in the way but was always ready to help if he was needed.  He knows his commands and is learning new ones.

This is what Jack was supposed to do and I couldn't be more proud! 

After our photo-shoot Jack was all tuckered out!