Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serena visits a Daisy Troupe!

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to come talk with a Daisy Troupe about people who do good things.  My good thing was training service dogs for people with disabilities.  I brought Serena along for a demo.  She was so happy to get to show off.

Talking about service dogs
  We talked about how a person in a wheelchair can't pick up things from the floor so how the dogs are trained to pick up everything from the floor.  Serena showed picking up phones, keys and wallets.  The Daisy's clapped and cheered every time she did something which of course made Serena want to do more and more.  
Serena going to pick up something

They were an amazing audience and asked amazing questions.  Serena did great with them too.  She let them all swarm her and pet her.  This would have NEVER happened a year ago.  She has come so very far.  

Serena being swarmed

They also all wanted high-fives so they lined all up and Serena went down the line gave each one of them high-fives.  It made them very very happy (and their squeals of joy made Serena very very happy).  

Asking very good questions

Group photo... love it!!

Thank you Daisy Troupe of Lake Bluff for letting us visit you!!  We had a great time.