Sunday, February 12, 2012

Florida- Part 2- Dog headshots

While in Florida I took pictures of some of the house dogs and some of the puppies in training at the My Angel with Paws Facility.

First we have Dixie.  She is a breeder for MAWP.  She had her first litter in July (the F litter).  She is a complete ham!

This is Murphey.  He is Chris's cocker spaniel.  He is such a sweet little guy.

This is Tabbris.  She is Chris's ambassador dog.  She is such a good girl!

Next we have Twix.  She is Val's pet dog.  She thinks she is the queen of the world.

The next pictures are of puppies in training.  This is Devina.  She is a yellow lab.

The above photo is Devina and Hawkeye.  Hawkeye is a rescue lab mix.  He LOVES to play fetch.

The next one is Hoodlum.  He is a lab/border collie cross rescue.  I am absolutely in love with him and his brother Hudson.  They both have a brown eye and a blue eye!

This is Hudson.  He is the brother of Hoodlum.  What a sweet, loving dog!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Florida- Part 1 of many

Where do I being telling our wonderful tale of road tripping to  Florida for My Angel With Paws First Graduation?

It was AMAZING.  The weather was perfect (80 degrees and sunny almost every day), the dogs were great (20 hours in a car both ways and they were troopers) and seeing everyone from My Angel With Paws was absolutely delightful (wheeeeee!).

I think I will start with pictures of Serena and Darby playing on the A-frame at the MAWP facility.  (I took about 6 memory cards worth of pictures from the trip so I will slowly add all my edited favorites to this blog).

Anywho one day I took Serena and Darby over to the A-frame to have some fun.  Serena has been on this one before so she just ran up and over it.  I had to hold Darby's side up and over once each way and then fun ensued:

Playing follow the leader

Happy Girl

This reminds me of the siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp

Darby being friendly

Darby became an old pro at the A-frame
 (also notice how well he tracks in this picture
thank you Chris for pointing that out!)