Thursday, November 12, 2009

Easy Day

We didn't go on too many adventures today since I had to spend a long time at the barn clipping Reggie since he has decided to be a hairy monster this winter. Go figure. Serena and I went on short early morning walk with frost still on the ground (yuck). After that Serena played with her toys while I got some stuff done. We went for a noon walk all over Lake Bluff. I purposely walked her down the main street in town since it was likely the only place in Lake Bluff to be somewhat distracting. We only came across one person but she had two dogs so it was great for Serena to learn to just keep walking and ignore them. She really wanted to play but kept listening to me and was a very good girl. After that we went to the barn and Serena got to meet Reggie from the car. She wasn't scared of him at all but Reggie totally ignored her and wouldn't cooperate with putting himself very close to the door. I expected her to run to the other side of the seat but she stayed sitting and just watched. Serena got to enjoy a kong filled with cheese while I took care of Reggie. I came back out to find her completely passed out and dreaming. So adorable!

After the barn I had to go to the grocery store for a few things. We went to Dominic's since it was on the way home. I didn't get questioned while shopping which was good. We did get a few looks and one child screamed "PUPPY!!!!" The employees at the register were very nice and asked a few questions. Then as we were about to leave some random manager came over and started the whole "there are no dogs allowed in here" talk. I tried to explain to him why she was there and when I mentioned "Service Dog" he said "well she is only allowed to come in here if YOU really need her." I told him that she needed to be there for training and about the Illinois Law to which he just got frustrated and said "fine whatever" and walked away. I don't mind people questioning me at all if they are willing to listen to what I have to say. When they interrupt me and just assume I don't know what I am talking about I want to bang my head on a wall. I am finding that it really helps when other customers start coming around watching and Serena is just sitting in a perfect heel next to me because really how can you say no to her? hahaha. Linda sent us our ID badge so hopefully that will help with people like that manager. Oh how people amuse me.

While I cooked dinner, Serena discovered the toy basket in the TV room. She would run in there grab a toy and run through the kitchen into the living room. Then would play for a little bit before taking that toy back to the TV room and repeating the process. I saw her run by with a ghost, a bone, a bird and an elephant. Serena found a ball and then figured out she could throw it for herself and then chase after it. She did this around and around the living room then lay down and went to sleep.

We went for a late night walk and I just tucked her into her crate for the night. Tomorrow we get to start on our new homework from Linda! Serena has to start learning "Tug," "Speak," and "Kennel." She currently knows "Sit," "Heel," and "Busy" (her potty word). We have been working on "Make a Friend," "Down" and "Stay." I can't wait!!!

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