Monday, November 16, 2009


On Sunday Serena and I ventured to the mall because I needed some jeans.  I was very amused with people's reactions to her.   I had people coming out of stores to say hi and people stopping me to ask questions and of course lots of stopping and going "awwwww look at the puppy."  Serena was very good. At points she was a little unsure of everything (like when 3 toddlers ran up to her and went "PUPPY!!!! EEEEEEKKKKK" at tones that I am sure could break glass.)  These were all good opportunities to practice sitting calmly next to me. We also had to ride the elevator for the first time. She walked right in and sat down next to me and calmly waited till we walked back out.  While I was trying on clothes she lay down in the changing room and just waited.  By the end of all this she was ready to get out of the mall (and I was too!).  After the mall we went to PetSmart to pick up things for the Guinea pigs and of course Serena got more treats and bones because she is so cute.  After that we had a very easy quite day at home.  Serena spent the rest of her day playing with toys, running around aimlessly and sleeping.

Serena waiting patiently in the changing room...

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