Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Well I should be sleeping...

...but instead I am updating this blog with a puppy keeping my toes warm.

I met Ice yesterday and oh boy has he been a blast.  Of course he is a cute and adorable puppy with cute and adorable puppy antics but what is really completely blowing me out of the water is how freaking awesome he is on leash and in public.  He has never had  his leash or vest on until yesterday when Chris brought him up.  He naturally doesn't pull.  Like at all.  Here is an 11 week old puppy walking in a perfect heal.  He went to Starbucks, did puppy antics for a little bit then realized every other dog was laying down so he did too.  We went to Silo, once Serena and Eli settled in he lay down next to them and slept the whole time.  He went to the barn and met horses for the first time.  He then went to dinner and on his own walked under the table and lay down instantly.  I couldn't have asked for a better first day with him. Tomorrow he is going to a horse show and learning how to be a horse show dog.

For now I leave you with a puppy picture:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A slight rant

Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox...

Why on earth do people pet dogs without asking?  And I am talking about any dog, not just service dogs.  In one week I had two people come up to my vested dog and just start petting (one person even had to reach around me to touch my dog in an elevator).  I tell the dog to leave it (which they did beautifully) and the person goes "oh am I not supposed to pet them?"  And I nicely explain "no, they are a service dog and they are working but it is good training for them to ignore people who just start petting them."  One of the people said "oh I didn't know I couldn't pet them" and another said "well if I had known they were in TRAINING I would have ignored them but their vest does not say in training."  Well people you should not go up to ANY dog, vested or not, and start petting them.  I don't care what breed they are or how cute and friendly they look.  The dog might not like to be petted, might have an ear infection and if you touch their ears might get unhappy, might not like women, men, people with hats etc, the list goes on.  Please just ask.  It is like me seeing your cute kid, whom I don't know, and running up and giving them a hug.  That would result in all sorts of drama (and probably a freaked out kid).  So do everyone a courtesy and just ask to pet before assuming your hand is allowed on my dog.

Thank you.  Stepping off of my soap box now.

 I would like to say there are some super awesome people out there too.  We went to dinner last night in a crowded restaurant.  As we walked in there were a couple kids with their parents in a small waiting area.  The kids get all excited about the dogs and the mom instantly goes "do not distract or pet that dog.  They are service dogs."  Then explained to her kids what service dogs were and why you do not pet them.  We had no issues, no kid tried to run over and the dogs didn't loose focus.  It was great!

And to end the post with probably one of my most favorite funny photos of Serena taken a couple days ago: