Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Florida here we come!

Tomorrow Serena and I embark on our journey to Florida to visit the My Angel with Paws facility!  We will be taking my friend Sarah and 5 of our newest Angels in Training with us.  Serena is so excited she is already packed.

Map, bowl and sunglasses are a must...

 Reading the map carefully...

All that packing makes for a tired puppy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Serena runs a 5k

This past weekend Serena and I went to Champaign for the 2nd Annual March for Megan.  Megan was my best friend who died suddenly of a diabetic seizure in 2009.  The Illini Equestrians sponsor this 5k to raise money for juvenile diabetes research.  I was working the race but my friend Anna was awesome and took Serena with her to run the 5k.  They came in 2nd place girls (Serena was 1st place dog!).  It was a super fun day and we raised $1000 for JDR and the Illini Equestrians.  Totally awesome!!!

Serena Watching the Map:

Serena helping with course signs: 

Serena on the Quad: 

Serena making new friends: 

Serena at the start line with the 5k group:

Anna and Serena finishing the race: 

The dogs getting food: 

All the dogs who were at the race:

Serena helping clean up after the race: