Tuesday, March 23, 2010

National Puppy Day

Today (March 23, 2010) is national puppy day! Didn't even know that until now... though everyday at my house is National Serena day so I don't think she cared that I forgot!! But anywho I think this blog has been getting around (I really hope anyway) so maybe I can try and get a few more puppy raisers for My Angel with Paws. You know you want to. You too could take your puppy everywhere and teach them awesome commands and most importantly help someone with disabilities. It is probably one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had and Serena has only been with me since November. The other day we met a man in a power chair at Barnes and Noble and it was so nice talking to him. He kept on saying "thank you so much for doing this, it is going to make someone so happy. She is such a good girl" I really just wanted to hug him. Seeing the joy Serena brings to people is one of the best things ever. Now people get upset if I don't have her with me. "Where is Serena?" "Is she okay?" "Bring her next time please!!" I had people stop shopping at the grocery store to watch Serena pick up her leash when I was done with self check out. A few of them clapped and some went "awwwwwww" It is just awesome! I really can't wait to see what the next year with her brings and how many more lives we can make just a little brighter.

Check out the website:


or become a fan on facebook (just search My Angel With Paws)!! If you can't puppy raise, donations are greatly appreciated since all the dogs (worth $10,000 when done with training) are given completely free to a person with disabilities. Every little bit helps (even donating fleece blankets to make fridge tug opening toys are greatly appreciated). I hope you all are enjoying this blog and please send it to as many people as you want :-)

Here is a video of Serena being cute as always to close out National Puppy Day:


  1. wow she is doing really great. i just love watching the vids and being able to see her progression. =]

    ~Stephanie J.

  2. Awwww thanks Stephanie!! I am so glad you like the videos! I will be sure to take tons more!

  3. Sarah, I love the video too! I love her plunking down when you tell her sit, what a good puppy! Also I didn't comment on this before, but that video of her leading Reggie is SO cute!! Especially Reggie.

  4. Serena is so amazing!!! Love to read about (and see first hand her progress.) Of course, I'll have to "reward her" for this one.....
    Auntie Karen


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