Thursday, April 1, 2010


A bunch of random pictures today :-).  

A week ago Serena and I went over to Becky's house to help her garden and so that the dogs could play.  Turns out Serena was way bigger then we expected her to be compared to Randall and Token.  She really wanted to play with them.  Randall played a little bit but liked hanging out with us more.  Token is a little socially special and kept running back inside to hide.  Serena did learn how to use the dog door.  We pushed her through once and then she came out the second time all on her own!

She isn't so much of a puppy anymore

Randall (left), Token (in dog door) and Serena:

Then on Sunday we joined other puppy raisers at IKEA in Bolingbrook for puppy class!  We walked around and took advantage of all the different surfaces they have there!  Poor Serena was in heat for the first (and soon to be last) time so she had to wear underwear around the store.

Practicing "up" on a shelf:

Practicing a "sit stay" in a tunnel thing... we also practiced going through it!

Four dogs under table for lunch (from front) Serena, Hemi, Shay, and Howie:

Getting a fork for me at lunch:

Very tired puppy driving home:

Lastly it was Reggie's 8th birthday on Monday.  So me being the  crazy pet owner that I am made cupcakes and put birthday hats on them.  They are so very tolerant of me.  Here they are sharing a look of "oh what we put up with": 

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