Saturday, March 6, 2010

I really have a tolerant horse!

For awhile I have been letting Serena hold the end of the lead rope while I walk Reggie down the aisle. She loves doing that and Reggie tolerates her oh so well. Since we have been working on going and getting things and bringing them back I figured I would see if she could go get Reggie and bring him to me. This is hard for her because she knows what she is supposed to do but unlike an non living object it takes Reggie a second to start walking with her. So she pulls and shakes the lead rope and then gets distracted by other things. Reggie is so good and will just wait until she tugs some more. Eventually she brings him to me! I seriously love my horse for putting up with Serena and me.


  1. you should submit this to American Funniest Home Videos!!

  2. That is the best video ever Sarah!!!


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