Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring= happy puppy!

The weather finally got nice here in Chicago so Serena and I have been spending lots of time outside fixing up the garden and going to the beach!  She isn't very useful in the garden because she thinks when I rake somewhere she needs to help and comes over and digs a hole then takes off running around the yard doing crazy puppy laps.  Makes for an entertaining day of gardening though!

Serena's new tasks include fetching the paper in the morning!  I open the door and say "get the paper!"  She will run out and frolic to the end of the driveway, grab the paper, shake it, then run back.  When I have time I will take a video of it because it is oh so cute and you can tell she loves having a job!

The next thing Serena is going to have to learn is how to swim because I can't keep going into the water and getting her ball for her!
I think this picture perfectly describes Serena's personality:

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