Monday, March 15, 2010

Serena's first horse show (Reggie's too!)

This past weekend I took Reggie to his first horse show ever!  When I packed Reggie's stuff, I also packed Serena's barn crate!  On the trailer everything went and off we went down the road to the horse show.  You will notice the lack of service dog vest in these pics.  I kept it off the whole weekend to avoid having to talk to crazy horse show dog owners while attempting to get stuff done and focus on Reggie.  That didn't mean Serena got to be lax about her training...  

All the commotion, other dogs and people was a very good place to practice our training. She was very good about leaving the people alone and staying out of the horse's way but she wasn't very good about ignoring the other dogs.  In her defense, people were just letting their dogs run up to her then going "oh wow your dog is so well behaved, mine wants to play." They would proceed to have their dog jump all over and Serena was torn between listening to me or playing with the dog that was in her face.   She likes to sit still and then will randomly do "ATTACK PUPPY RAWR!" and pounce.  It is adorably cute but very very bad.  She got one big correction the first time and was very good about not doing "ATTACK PUPPY RAWR" the rest of the show.   Overall she tried very hard and by Sunday she was listening much better.

On the racetrack a lot of horses have pets that go with them everywhere.  I have decided that Serena is Reggie's pet.  When we got to the show and he saw her for the first time he sniffed her all over and was very happy to see her.  She was very happy to see his poo and grain leftovers.  Every morning she would curl up in his hay and sleep while I brushed him and braided his hair. They are very cute together!

She also was very useful has ribbon holder :-).

Since there is a lot of down time at horse shows we used Serena to keep us entertained.  I taught her to jump on tack trunks, put her paws up on trash cans and she even started carrying trash for people to the trash can (we have not yet mastered putting it into the can).  

Serena and Victor were playing with a random water bottle... she would jump up, run down the aisle and basically just do anything just to get the water bottle.  Silly puppy!

Many times people from my barn asked to see what Serena could do so she got to show off her mastered skills while being surrounded by lots of distractions.  It was a great experience for Serena and Reggie!

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