Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chicago Bulls Game

Last Wednesday I was given free tickets to go see a Bulls Game. I checked the United Center's website and it specifically said that Service Dogs and Service Dogs in training are welcome to come to the games. AWESOME! So off we went with Serena in the car. We got to the game a little late which worked out nicely because we didn't have to deal with the crowds walking into the game. The security guard didn't care at all when we walked in and we headed to our seats! We were on the upper level getting up there required Serena walking next to me, then ahead of me, then next to me again. She did great and listened so well.

We got a lot of "awwwww there is a dog" and "OMG THERE IS A DOG!" We found our seats which were in the middle of the row so we had to shuffle across people and of course the people right next to us were PETRIFIED of dogs. They screamed and jumped on the seats. Serena ignored them and we settled her under our chairs which required her to stay completely down under our seats. We stayed like this for the second quarter then went and got food after the half-time show. We ended up moving to the row above us where there was no one sitting that way Serena could sit and not be completely cramped and so that the people next to us would stop screaming every time Serena moved. She watched the rest of the game and we had a lot of people take pictures of her there. Leaving was a little crazy because the crowds were HUGE but Serena stayed right next to me and ignored all the people. Overall it was a great experience (the bulls won!!) and she made me so proud. Serena has come such a long way!

This video was taken when they were doing a noise meter thing on the big screen. Basically it was just to make the crowd get loud. The girl behind us was screeching, boys a few rows down were blowing a horn and they were dropping things from the ceiling. Serena just sat and watched :-)

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