Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 3 in Florida

Day three we started out our day by going to this awesome pancake house where you cook your own pancakes on a grill on the table!  Serena got to share under the table with Gabriel.  Gabriel thought Serena was very pretty. 

Sarah really excited about the pancakes and OMG were they AMAZING!

The pancake house was at a state park with a natural spring.  It was so pretty!!

Deb was so nice and showed us all around the spring after breakfast.  There was a play park there and Gabriel really likes slides.  Deb took him up and wheeeeee!!

Next was Serena's turn.  She wasn't so sure about this game.  

The Spanish Moss was so pretty:

Gabriel and Serena on their "first date":

After breakfast we went to MAWP for puppy conformation testing.  This woman checked every puppy and told us what she was looking for and what was good and bad about each puppy.  It was very very interesting!

After conformation testing we did temperament testing.  You take one puppy at a time and put it in a strange area and have a person they don't know perform the tests.  My favorite test was opening an umbrella.  You open the umbrella then drop it to see if the puppy run away or if it comes up to inspect it. All the puppies except Crysta came up to inspect it.  Crysta took off across the area and leaped onto the pen and almost succeeded in getting out.  Poor puppy!  She did great on the other tests though :-).  

After temperament testing we had some time so I asked if we could do Serena's Canine Good Citizen test.  It involves things like walking nicely on leash, greeting strangers, walking through a crowd, staying and being called back and handing her leash off to a stranger and leaving Serena for 3 minutes.  Serena passed and got her badge!  Yay!!

After a great lunch Sarah, Serena and I headed back to Deb's.  We changed and Sarah and I went to Daytona beach!  We walked around downtown Daytona and had fun looking at all the palm trees and flowers and green stuff!!

Pretty harbor:

Sarah on a stone bridge in a garden:

In a waterfront gazebo on the phone with Laurel:

After exploring downtown we headed off to the beach!   It was pretty and the water was warm!  We didn't wear swimsuits so we just put our feet in and frolicked in the sand.

On the way home we stopped to see the Daytona International Speedway.  It is freaking huge!!  We just ran around the parking lot and took pictures to say that we had been there.

We went back to DeLand for dinner.  We went to a cute little resaurant and sat on the patio.  After such a busy (but awesome) day Sarah and I had a beer and chilled out.  We each got fish of different varieties and enjoyed the warm weather and watching all the halloween people walk by.  Then it was time for bed!

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