Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 1 in Florida

We started out right away Friday morning!  Our first two stops were two nursing homes in DeLand.  We took three of the puppies and Serena. The residents loved cuddling with the puppies and Serena really enjoyed showing off her skills.  Serena has never been to a nursing home so I wasn't sure how she would do with the new smells and the walkers and canes.  Of course she proved me wrong and was delightful!

Someone chilling in Val's arms:

Sarah helping a resident hold a puppy:

Serena made lots of new friends:

After the nursing home we went to lunch at this great chicken place.  Serena loved having other dogs there with her!  Then we went back to My Angel With Paws and let everyone run around.  The puppies were so happy to get out and play.

We also got to meet Domino the resident donkey:

Someone got into the mud:


After hanging out at My Angel With Paws we went for the Friday walk around town.  This is when we take the dogs to places around town and work on service dog commands. I left Serena at MAWP and took Jack instead.  She was not happy about this but after our busy day she was exhausted and Jack was so happy to have someone work with him.  Sarah took Howie, Chris took Tabs and Val took Riley.  It was super fun!  We worked on "step" and "jump on" and just walking around in a good heal and ignoring things.  Jack was so happy to be out and about.  It was very weird working with another dog other than Serena.  Jack is just that much bigger than Serena that maneuvering him around is completely different.  We slowly were starting to figure each other out.   What a great way to start a relationship with him!

Chris and Howie working on a "jump-on" and a "down":

Jack so happy to work!

After the walk around town we all went to a pizza place named Tom's.  MAWP goes there all the time and they are awesome.  We got to meet a bunch of other MAWP volunteers and dogs.  I can't exactly remember how many dogs... about 8 or so.  It never gets looking under the table and seeing a dog pile just sleeping.  Love it!  After a lovely dinner and conversation we headed back.  Sarah and I were exhausted!  Jack was happy to have done his job and Serena was so happy that I came back!  We went to bed and got ready for another awesome day!

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