Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 4 in Florida

Day 4 started out with us going to get Serena's hip x-rayed.  Unfortunately her left hip failed the test.  She already has arthritis starting in it.  This means she can't be a breeder because she needed excellent hips.  It also means she can't be a service dog because she would need at least a fair hip.  Serena was released from MAWP and she is now officially mine!  This was a weird thing to wrap my head around because I have spent the past year preparing myself to give Serena away.  Now I get to keep her forever and ever!  She gets to keep her service dog vest and be the demo dog for MAWP.  She will go to outings and got with us to meet clients.  She now has to know every single command so that she can show them all.  We have some work to do! 

After going to the vet we spent the afternoon working dogs at MAWP. It was awesome!!!!!  It was super fun getting to work with different dogs and puppies.

Before we went to MAWP we took out Deb's dogs to get a pict ure of them for a thank you present for letting us stay with her.  They are such good dogs!  First we took pics of the  goldens.  

Bianca, Gabriel and Ivy:

Then we brought out the Dachshunds for a group photo.  They were all so well behaved.  

Gabriel, JJ, Bianca, Ivy and Killarney:

After the long day of playing with dogs and training Serena was exhausted.  She decided that Sarah's side of the bed was hers:

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