Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Drive down to Florida...

Hi all!  We just got back from Florida and had so many great experiences.  I am going to try and go day by day since one post will be way too long.  Day 1 we started our drive down to Florida with Serena and five 8 week old golden retriever puppies.  We had to stop every hour and a half to let the puppies out to pee so that made for slow traveling but it was so much fun.  All the puppies were very well behaved except for Cricket.  She would wake up and sit in the middle of the crate and bark and yap until she woke up all her sisters.  If that didn't work she would trample all of them until they woke up.  What a little diva.  Lucky she was cute.

At a rest stop:

Another random stop at a random gas station: 

Cleo got to ride on my lap for a little bit: 

We made it to the hotel around 9 and let the puppies run all over the room.  Serena had fun chasing all of them.  We put all of them in the bathtub because their little feet were dirty.  This made for super cute pictures.  After drying them all off we got ready for bed and put them all back into their crate.  They didn't like being across the room and cried and barked until we put the crate in between our beds.  We were able to sleep for 3 hours until they woke us up to go out.  We set up the puppy pen and ran outside with the little fluff balls.  After a group pee back into the crate they went.  Serena was so pissed that they disturbed her beauty rest.  They then woke us up 4 hours later and we decided just to get on the road after letting everyone outside.  A blog on Day 2 of the drive will be up later :-)

Bath time for everyone... this one reminds me of AT&T.  Raising the bar: 

Cute puppies: 

Group picture <3 

Puppy being dried off:

Serena playing tug with two of the puppies:

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