Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 2 in Florida

We started out super early again on Saturday.  This time we went to a Halloween thing at the Daytona Obedience Club.  There were tons of booths and dogs.  Serena came along with all 5 puppies and Bianca, Riley and Balto.  Part of the event was a costume contest.  I brought some costumes for the puppies because what is cuter than puppy in a costume?  hehehe:

Serena was dressed up as a bumblebee and I had two flower costumes for two of the puppies.

Serena, Bianca and Riley:

Another part of the event was a "best trick" contest.  Serena showed her "bang bang" play dead trick.  She won!  She was given two squeaky toys which she was super happy about.  

What a cute bumblebee:

At the end of the day we started packing up.  The puppies were in a pen. They were so tired we were able to pick up the pen and they didn't even move:

After the event we met up with more MAWP people at Chili's.  We fit Howie, Harley, Copper, Tabs, Serena, Riley and Bianca under the table.  The smallest dog was Serena.  The look on people's faces when we got up to leave and 7 full grown dogs came out.  It was like a clown car!  haha.  

Tabs and Copper really like eachother:

After a nap Sarah, Serena and I were ready to explore downtown DeLand.  It was the day before Halloween so they shut down the main street and all the shops opened for trick or treating.  We had fun looking at everything.  What a cute town.  

We stopped at the Boston Coffeehouse for coffee.  Everyone there loved Serena.  The boss asked if Serena wanted some chicken.  I expected a little piece but nope he gave her a full container of grilled chicken that smelt awesome.  He also made her a balloon dog with "We love you buddy" on one side and "Boston Coffeehouse" on the other.  So cute.  

We walked around town some more with our coffee and looked at all the cute kids and their costumes.  Serena loved walking around with us and wasn't freaked out at all by all the kids in costumes.  One of my favorites was this little boy dressed as a spider.  His parents were super nice and let us take a picture of him with Serena.

After coffee we went over to Chris and Val's house and had an amazing dinner while Serena played around with the pack of dogs.  About halfway through dinner Serena went to say hi to a dog named Tink:

Tink is 4lbs and has 4 teeth.  She went "rawr" at Serena and poor Serena jumped 5 feet backwards, landed on her shoulder and her head and slid across the floor with her butt up.  She got up and looked all upset that we were laughing at her.  Tink wandered off like nothing had happened.  The rest of the trip Serena was petrified of Tink.  What a funny way to end an awesome day!

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