Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day two of the drive down...

The puppies woke us up at 7 so after letting them all run around in their pen we packed up the car and off we went!  This was what our GPS said when we left the hotel.  666 oh boy!

 We stopped at many random places... one of them was a McDonalds that had a lovely grassy area.  Everyone who was working the drive thru kept watching us and laughing at the puppies.  When we went through the drive thru they all were like "oh we were hoping you would come through because those puppies are so cute."  It was very nice.

Serena chilling and making funny faces...

We were driving along and found this really nice rest stop.  We didn't need to stop but it was so pretty that we did.  We let Cricket come out with us and Serena.  After a quick look at the pretty scenery we jumped back into the car and continued!

One of our next stops was outside a Walgreens type store (I forgot the name).  We set up the pen and took turns going in and getting stuff and using the bathroom.  People were asking all sorts of questions from their cars while stopped at the stop light.  I am surprised we didn't cause an accident.  We had a bunch of people come up here and say hi to the puppies.  Everyone kept thinking they were all our puppies.  So funny!

Serena did not like that Sarah took a puppy up to the front with her.  She wanted to know why she couldn't sit in our laps.  Oh poor Serena!

One of our last stops was at an office building right next to a Starbucks.  We let the puppies play and Serena run around.  I decided it would be fun to lay down with the puppies.... I was puppy attacked instantly!  Oh how they are little attention whores.  

They are such good puppies and let us play and do silly things to them... this one like being on her back and played with

We were ready to make it to Florida.  After driving 12 hours we finally made it to My Angel With Paws around 10 pm.  It was great to see Chris and Val again!  We dropped the puppies off, caught up a little bit and then drove to Deb's house to get some much needed sleep.  Deb was super nice and let us stay in her guest room.  Sarah, Serena and I immediately passed out.  We had to rest up for our first busy day in Florida!

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