Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vet Visit

I took Serena and Jack into the vet early Monday morning for their yearly shots and checkups.  They both were healthy and doing great!  I was very pleased with them in the waiting room.  It was super busy with other dogs walking in and out but all they did was watch.  I got to answer a few questions about service dogs too which was awesome!

Part of their yearly shots included two shots in their hip.  Jack cracked me up.  He had to be restrained for his shots because he was being too friendly.  He rolled on his back and wanted the vet to rub his belly, then while she was trying to put needles in his hip he was wagging his tail and trying to lick her.  Then it was Serena's turn.  She did not like this game at all.  She was very well behaved but petrified.  It didn't help that Jack was still trying to lick the vet and was rolling around on the floor like a big goof.  While there I also got to weigh them.  Serena was 55lbs and Jack was 80lbs!!  I think Jack is going to reach about 90lbs as his final weight.  Such a big boy. 

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