Friday, January 7, 2011

People behind counters... oh my!

Jack and I went to go do errands for work yesterday.  First we went to the post office.  Normally he just sits next to me while at the counter but yesterday he must have really liked the postwoman's voice because all of a sudden Jack was putting his paws up on the counter next to me.  Oh boy is he big!  Luckily the postwoman loves dogs and loved seeing him up there.  We had never worked on "ups" so now we are going to have to so we can work on "offs."  This also makes me want to work on "take its" and "gives" so that Jack can use his new found love of "ups" and be useful by giving the mail to the postwoman.  He is going to have a much easier time than Serena because of his size.  She usually has to reach and can barely get to the counter at the bank.  Jack, on the other hand, had no problem doing an "up" at the bank.  This time instead of letting him do an "up" without me telling him, I asked him to do an "up".  He was so happy to do one and please me!  The bank teller had treats ready and Jack thought the bank was heaven.  It was a very good day for Jack! 

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