Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Serena gets Spayed

Poor Miss Serena went to get spayed today.  We waited so long to spay her because she was on breeder watch but now that we know she has a bad hip her lady bits must come out!  She was not happy when I walked her into the vet early this morning (after not feeding her for 12 hours before surgery).  I handed her off to vet tech and left her there.  I get to pick her up tomorrow morning.  Cross fingers that it all went well and she forgives me for doing this!

Jack, on the other hand, is enjoying being my only dog.  He and I played an intensive game of fetch and he also got to go to work with me today.  Since Serena isn't here to do all the work, I made him go get his bowl before dinner.  He was confused at first but once he figured out what I wanted he ran to his bowl and brought it all the way to the pantry from the kitchen!  He was so proud of himself :-)

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