Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jack goes grocery shopping

I was going to run into Jewel for a few things and had Jack in the car with me.  I was hesitant to bring him into the grocery store as he has never done something like that before but I figured if all else failed I could always bring him back out to the car.

The grocery store is a place where I get a lot of looks/comments from people who aren't so friendly about service dogs.  It is probably because a dog is so close to all the food, much like a restaurant.  In a restaurant though, the dog is "hidden" under the table and in a grocery store the dog is out walking around.  With a dog as big as Jack it is kind of hard to not notice him.

So into Jewel we went and luckily it was fairly empty.  Jack and I wandered up and down aisles.  Every time I stopped to look at something I made him sit because his attention span was about half a second.  In the meat section I had to correct him over and over again and tell him to sit because every time I went to grab something he would move from the sit and try and smell all the meat.  Every time I told him no and to sit he would look at me like "but there is all this wonderful smelling food here Mom and someone must eat it!"  By the end in the produce section he was sitting and waiting while I would reach for food.  The self checkout was super busy so it was a good chance for him to practice ignoring everything (or in Jack's case sitting quietly next to me while watching everything going on).  He wasn't so sure at first but when I insisted that he sit and wait he eventually retained some focus and was a very good boy.

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