Tuesday, January 11, 2011

103 Floors Over the City

On Sunday, the Willis Tower in Chicago was super amazing and hosted My Angel With Paws.  As you may remember, Serena has been up to the 103rd floor before as a 8 month old puppy.  This is how I got the idea to contact them.  Myself and Serena were joined by Alice and Jack and Kaylee and Bree.  The staff at the Willis Tower was great!  They met us downstairs and gave us a private tour up to the 103rd floor.  We got to practice some service dog skills along the way but mostly it was just great to let the dogs handle the new environment.

Jack and Serena wait outside for Bree

When we got up to the top, their wasn't a big crowd since we got there right when it opened.  This was great because it meant we could go right out onto The Ledge.  Bree and Serena ran right out there and didn't care at all about the glass bottom.  Jack was petrified.  He tried to run away but Alice stopped him and made him at least come right up to the edge.  We all sat there and let him think about it then started calling him and showing him treats.  Eventually Jack tentatively put one foot out, then ran backwards, then tried again.  We got both front feet out and then eventually he came all the way out.  Then he refused to move.  Poor Jack!  Alice would take him off and then after a little bit would come back out to the ledge.  Each time it took shorter to get him out there.  He didn't really like it but trusted us enough to try.  Bree and Serena kept trying to play with him and couldn't figure out why he was acting funny.

Serena, Bree and Jack enjoying the view out over Chicago

Bree out on the Ledge

Trying to get Jack out on the Ledge.

The Group

 Jack being very good and overcoming his fear

Serena and Bree up 103 floors!

The Group in the glass box

Shoes and paws

Bree making herself at home

Serena and I just laying out over the city

The longer we stayed the more people came up onto the 103 floor.  By the end we had crowds taking pictures of the dogs and wanted to say hi.  This is where Jack stole the show.  He was such a ham and made friends with everyone.  Serena showed off some service dog skills and Bree was her cute little 11 month old puppy self.  We had an amazing time and can't wait to go back!

Alice practicing "ups" on the railings with Jack

Jack, Bree and Serena with a picture of the Willis Tower

Jack being a ham and making friends

The dogs posing with a snowman outside

I love my dogs

We got our professional picture taken out on The Ledge.  This took awhile trying to get all the dogs to look up.  The staff all joined in to help shaking treat bags and stuff.  They gave us the photo for free and were so so very nice.  

On the way up to the 103 floor they took our picture in front of a green screen then printed it out and put Chicago backgrounds behind us.  All the dogs have great faces in this picture... too bad Jack and Serena blend into the background!

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