Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Shopping

Serena accompanied me Christmas shopping today after work! We first stopped at Walgreens to pick up more Christmas card photos. We apparently go there a lot because they know us and love Serena now. She is big enough now to put her paws up on the counter! So of course we practiced the "up" command. She eventually figured it out... she has to reach just a little bit. After that we went to random stores around the mall area (people who I was buying for read this blog so will not mention where I went). She has gotten very good at following me around in stores, laying down while I look and then following me again. I think sometimes she thinks I am crazy for walking back and forth up an aisle. Now that she is a little bigger a lot less people question me when I bring her into a store... they already assume she is a service dog. Here are some pics from the Christmas Card photo extravaganza...

Serena loves giving Reggie kisses on his nose
She is so cute and is getting so big! I won't be able to hold her much longer!

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