Friday, December 25, 2009

1st Christmas!

Serena has been involved in all the pre-Christmas and Christmas festivities! She drove down to Champaign with me on Monday for my friend's Christmas party. I wasn't sure how she was going to handle 8 girls in an apartment with tons of food and things going on but she did great! She basically slept most of the time (probably cause I took her for a 2 hour walk before we went to Champaign) or she got pets from all my friends. They all loved her a lot, even the ones who normally don't like dogs and she is invited back again next year if I still have her in training with me!
Hanging out with Lys:

She joined the photo without us knowing and look adorable!

Where she chilled out most of the party... out of our way and totally good

She has also been involved in wrapping presents and is not  very useful but is very cute so that makes present wrapping all the more fun!

Then she celebrated Christmas Eve with us and got a little crazy with all the commotion (Sophie our blind 14 year old Westie, two cats, presents food, and 5 people in an apartment) but overall she was very well behaved and enjoyed the presents my mom got her a lot!

Serena on Christmas Day with Santa:

Enjoying her bone from the butcher and her new stuffed (or currently unstuffed) monkey

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