Sunday, December 20, 2009


I started teaching Serena last week to ring bells next to the door when she wanted to go out. It started out with her thinking I was punishing her and she would avoid me every-time I went to the door. I the incorporated treats and made it a crazy fun experience and she was like "hmmmm this isn't too bad, I ring the bells and I get a treat." Eventually I would refuse to open the door until she at least touched the bells. It took a few days but now she rings the bells to go out. Today she took it one step further. We weren't fast enough to her liking to come let her out so she pulled the bells off the wall and brought them to us and shook them around and around. Then ran to the door when we got up to let her out. She is so smart! hahaha

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  1. Haa, haaa - she showed you! What a smart cookie.


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