Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Puppy

I am picking up puppy number 3 on Sunday!!  I am so excited that words can't even describe it.  I went yesterday to pick out a new service dog puppy for me and Alice to train for My Angel With Paws.  I had a very hard time choosing from 3 yellow lab boys.  I did a couple "tests" to help me narrow down my choices and of course all three passed with flying colors.  I dropped my keys and all of them picked them up and tried to carry them around.  This is good for a service dog because some dogs don't like the taste of metal.  I also payed really close attention when I first entered the room to see who was most interested in me.  All three came over right away and sat down by me wanting to be rubbed (we want a dog that is very people oriented).  Every one of them was calm, friendly and curious.  It made my choice very very hard.  I eventually picked the biggest fattest one because he likes to lay like this:

Now we are trying to come up with a name.  Since he is a donation (ie he wasn't rescued and MAWP didn't breed him) his name has to start with the letter D.  Alice and I have a huge list of names and now have to pick on we like.  This is almost as hard as picking out the puppy.  I can't wait to get Mr. No Name home and introduce him to Serena and Jack.  

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