Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It shouldn't be this easy....

Darby has impressed me twice today.  The first was when I took him and Serena for a walk.  He has been very good about staying in a heel between me and Serena.  Actually that is the only spot he has ever known that we take walks in.  I took them to the ravine by my house and let them off leash.  Serena ran around like a crazy woman up and down the hills.  Darby was very unsure of the whole thing but took it all in stride.  It took me awhile to realize that even though he was still off leash he was still in a perfect heel.  Anytime he would stray away from the heel he would freak out and find it again.  Apparently I have made heel the safety zone.  Of course every time he was in heel he would get tons of praise and encouragement.  He spent the entire walk in the ravine like that.  Then when we walked home from the ravine on leash he still marched along delightfully.  Amazing little puppy!

The second impressive thing he did today was during feeding time.  The routine is Serena gets both bowls, they get filled in the pantry, I bring them to the kitchen, mix in water and anything else they need, then go over to where they eat.  Serena eats on the left and Darby eats on the right.  Serena knows to sit and wait until I tell her it is okay to eat, even if her bowl in on the ground she is not allowed to move until I say okay.  I have started making Darby sit before dinner and yesterday I added him waiting while I put the food down.  I only make him wait for a couple seconds but to him that is torture and usually I have to hold his collar or keep a hand in front him. Today I go to make him sit and he is no where near me.  I look around and see him sitting across he kitchen waiting.  I put his food down and he doesn't move!!!!  I say okay Darby, release and he takes off across the kitchen, slides into his food bowl and starts eating. WOW!  Darby is one awesome puppy though I might be a tad bit bias ;-)

Yesterday I had Dory (http://www.doryltuohey.com/) come out to take pictures of me and Reggie.  Of course I snuck in a couple with Serena and Darby.  This one was just too cute I couldn't resist posting it.

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