Saturday, June 11, 2011

puppy puppy puppy

It has been almost a week since I picked up Mr. Darby.  He is an absolute joy.  The first few days of waking up every 2 hours were rough but now he is almost sleeping through the night and even went and put himself in his crate when it was time for bed!  We have been working on a few basic service dog commands and he tries so hard to please me!  So far we have worked on:

-Sit: I just have him follow a treat into the position.  He doesn't know the word yet but has figured out that if he wants something he will probably get it if he sits
-Down: Again he doesn't know the word but happily will follow a treat down to the ground and stay there
-Heel: He just knows the position by default.  I purposely walk him between me and Serena so he has know where to be but in a heel.  Every so often he scampers around me but is easily brought back between us.  Thank god for Serena.  She makes it so much easier!!
-Darby: He is still trying to learn his name.  I think it just clicked that Darby means something when I say it to him and he get all excited.  I think only a couple more days and he will have this one
-Tug: He really loves to play with toys so we play tug all the time.  I just say the word a lot when he is tugging and eventually that should turn into a command.
-Bring it here: he likes to pick up socks (as you probably saw in the video) so I just say "bring it here" when he is run towards me and praise him a lot when he brings it to me.

Training him has been way too easy.  Puppies are so moldable and trainable if you just capture stuff they do anyway.  Who knew!!

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