Friday, December 31, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

I finally got all the Florida blog entries up and running!  Now it is time to play catch up with everything that has happened since then.  Jack has settled in nicely and is slowly but surely catching up with all his service dog skills.  I don't think I have properly introduced Jack yet... he will get his own blog entry when I can upload pictures. 

Serena is learning at warp speed.  We are now up to, I think, around 60 commands (I will tally them up soon!).  Being in Florida I learned so much on how to train dogs and I love applying it to Serena and Jack. If you know of anyone who wants to help out or raise a puppy please let me know!  Hannah, Humphrey, Heidi and Homer are all still looking for homes. 

Wow this entry is turning out to be completely pointless but I promise I will share more very soon!  Happy New Year everyone.

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