Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 6 in Florida

This was our last full day in Florida.  We spent most of the day getting all the dogs that we were taking home clean and ready to go.  We were taking home along with Serena; Jack (year old Black Lab), Homer (Year old yellow lab), Heidi (year old yellow lab), Hannah and Humphrey (6 month old golden retriever/ Australian shepherd crosses).  The weather was so nice Sarah and I were bathing dogs in shorts and t-shirts.  Everyone was so well behaved and looked oh so cute after they dried off.  While we were doing this Serena had fun running around with all her new friends.

We also helped Chris trim all the puppies' nails.  For the most part they were delightful!

This was also our last chance to say goodbye to all the dogs at the house.  This is Tink, a 4 pound 4 toothed Maltese.  She was thrown over the fence at MAWP a couple years ago bleeding and about to die.  They rescued her and nursed her back to health and now she rules the house.  No joke.  Serena was petrified of her!

This is Max.  A German Shepherd/ Golden cross.  He is Fred's dog.  We just loved played with him :-)

In between bathing dogs, Sarah, Chris and I went out to lunch with Serena, Jack and Tabs.  This only Jack's second outing where he had to stay under the table.  We put him in between Tabs and Serena because they are used to just sleeping while we eat.  He did so very good!  And really how can you resist this:

3 full grown labs under one booth.  Gotta love service dogs...

After we got back from lunch it was more bathing dogs and play time!  Here is Jack being more interested in me than the other dogs.

The puppies, as always, were super cute and were doing super cute things.  This one wanted some Coke:

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