Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Serena knows so far Part 2

In January I made a list of what Serena knows.  I figured I would update this to show her progress.

  1. Sit
  2. Stay (do not move at all from where I place you)
  3. Wait (more loose than stay, she can be called out of this position)
  4. Heel (left side)
  5. Down
  6. Make a friend (give paw)
  7. Now she knows how to do it with both paws depending on what hand you give her
  8. High Five
  9. High Ten (both paws touching both hands)
  10. Get your leash
  11. My lap (put paws on my lap)
  12. Speak  (This is hysterical because she still thinks it means snap and whine and sneeze before utter what could be considered a "woof")
  13. Tug (opens the fridge for me and now she can open a stall door for me which is a different direction of tugging)
  14. Come
  15. Leave it
  16. Busy (going potty)
  17. Move (move away from where she is)
  18. Up (putting front paws up on counters, tables etc.)
  19. Off (front paws off of counters, tables etc.)
  20. Front (sitting in front of me facing me)
  21. Back (while she is facing me moving backwards)
  22. Get your bowl (I bought her a plastic bowl and now she gets it for me when I feed her)
  23. Jump on (put all four paws on something like a bed, grooming table etc)
  24. Jump off (jump off said object)
  25. Get it (if I point at something she will pick it up... this is slowly being modified so she will get whatever I look at without pointing)
  26. Get the paper (runs outside every morning for my dad and picks the paper up at the end of the driveway)
  27. Look at me (make eye contact with me)
  28. Give (give whatever she has in her mouth)
  29. Easy (while walking to slow down)
  30. Take it (take whatever I am giving her)
  31. Get the phone (get the practice phone off the table)
Things we are working on:
  • Hold it (keep something in her mouth)
  • Step (while going up the stairs she puts her front feet up one step than where the person is, while going down she stays one step behind where the person is.  This is for bracing against her)
  • Push (close something with nose)
  • Side (she still doesn't understand how to swing her butt the opposite way of "heel")
31 things she knows and 4 things in progress, 35 total!  Last time it was 24 total... 11 new things since January.  I am so incredibly proud of my little girl :-)
Pictures of Serena with my guinea pigs.  She thinks they are her puppies. Twitchy (the more white one with smooth hair) loves her and will groom her and sleep next to her.  Gus (the one with crazy hair) is afraid of everything and runs away.

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