Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Play Time!

Not much to update in Serena's training.  We have been doing a lot of exposure work (car dealership is the latest) but not so many new tricks to show you guys!  We are working on "hold" and modifying "get it" so that she follows my eyes instead me pointing.  This is essential because many people in wheelchairs only have use of their hand to move a joy stick and can't lift up their hand to point at something.  Serena is very confused by me not pointing but I know she will get it!  

We also went to the vet yesterday because she was having weird eye discharge for a couple days.  The vet said her eyes looked okay but since the discharge with yellow he gave me some drops to put in them for a week and even after one day her eyes look TONS better.  We also found out that she is 55 pounds now!  I was in shock because we always thought she would stay little since she was the runt and wasn't getting a ton bigger.  Looks likes she is going to mature to around 60ish pounds.  That will be good because hopefully she can be used for light brace work! (Holding her ground while someone uses her to get up).  Now onto pictures!

I walked into my room one day to find Miss Serena sleeping on my bed with her head on a pillow.  It was so cute I had to get a picture before I told her to get off.  She isn't allowed on furniture unless I ask her to get up there but how could I resist this:

This weekend was so nice so my dad and I took Serena to the park to play some fetch:

Serena being my catcher:

I really suck at pitching apparently:

My dad and Serena:

"Come on throw the ball!!"

Afterwards I took her to the little creek to play and cool off in.  Jumping over it with a stick:

Then I decided to take her on the playground equipment as a training session:

She really didn't want to follow me through the tunnel but I told her if I had to shimmy through it she would have to walk through it.  Eventually she followed and came out on the other end:

Going down the kiddie slide.  Wheeeeeeee!

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  1. I love that picture of her in the tube, so cute!!


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