Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Serena knows so far

Figured I would make a list to see how many commands Serena knows now! Here it goes:

Things she knows:

-Heel (left side)
-Make a Friend (give paw)
-High five
-Get your leash (pick up leash off of floor)
-My lap (put paws in my lap)
-Speak (according to Serena this means "snap, snap, snap, sneeze, rawr, snap, WOOF")
-Tug (really good at opening the fridge and almost can open the stall door all the way)
- Come
-Leave it
-Busy (going potty)
-Move (move away from where you are at)
-Up (putting front paws up on counters, tables etc.)
-Off (front paws off of counters, tables etc)

Things we are working on and she almost gets them:
-Stand (standing on all four feet)
-Front (facing front)
-Side (right side heel)
-Push (close a door or something with nose)
-Back (moving backwards)
-Get your bowl (really hard cause it is metal)
-Jump on (all four paws onto something)
-Jump off (get off of said object)

I am probably forgetting something but 24 things so far! yay! And we have so much more to learn!

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