Sunday, January 3, 2010


My family and I went to Chicago last night for dinner and to see Second City.  Of course I took Serena with us!  I wasn't sure how she would do since it was her first time going downtown.  Walking to the restaurant she didn't care at all about the traffic or noises and happily bounced around.  We went to the Athenian Room like we always do (I have been going there since I was born).  They were very nice about Serena and asked all sorts of questions.  Serena is getting better about just sitting at my feet while we eat dinner.  She sat up and lay down a lot but other than that didn't really try to move.  The restaurant is very small and the tables are close together so I think she was a little nervous about everyone walking right by her and all the noise and commotion.  Overall she did great.

Then we went to see Second City ETC.  We got there really early to get good seats and to explain to them about Serena incase they had a problem with it.  While walking through the parking garage a security guard stopped us and said we weren't allowed to bring pets into the building.  All I had to say was that she was a service dog and he was like oh no problem go ahead!  Really nice.  The people at Second City loved her.  While waiting, we went to the control booth to say hi to everyone working there since some people wanted to see her but couldn't leave the booth.  She made tons of new friends and everyone loved her.  While waiting we also got to practice some commands and she listened very well.  During the show she was a little freaked out with the clapping but by the second half she just slept at my feet and it didn't bother her.  She also couldn't figure out the people on stage moving around and spent awhile watching them but was very good about just sitting and watching.  When we brought her home she was very tired and went straight to sleep!

Waiting for the show:

Practicing the stay command next to the wall of stars outside the theater. She looks so little!

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