Thursday, January 14, 2010

Play dates and such!

Many of my friends are home visiting for Winter Break so of course we had to get together and have puppy play dates. The first one was with 2 black labs who were out of shape but very cute. Serena did most of the running and playing but they got into it too! The second was with a jack russell/pit bull mix who Serena LOVED! They played great together and were absolutely exhausted and covered in slobber afterwards!

Our training is going well! The Halti that Serena now wears works great with the pulling. We joke that she wanted to fit in at the barn with all the horses. She now stays in the aisle with me for the most part since her stay command is awesome now! Before I couldn't really trust that she would stay while I did things and I didn't want her moving and going under the horses or something. Now I park her where she can see me and Reggie and she watches the world go by. Also now I am handing her off to people while I work with Reggie and they take her for walks around the barn or practice commands with her. Probably the cutest thing was when I let a kid take her for a walk. When Serena first met this girl a couple weeks ago she was afraid of her for no reason. Now she walked in a perfect heel and listened when the kid asked her to sit and down and stuff. Awesome! Now onto pics:

Flying puppy

Maggie makes Serena look so very small

Puppy kisses at a stoplight

Trying to get a pic like the one I got on the first day I had her... it kind of worked

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