Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet Ice!

 My new puppy trainee has been assigned to me!  His name is Ice and he is currently 5 weeks old.  Chris will be flying at the end of April with him.  It is going to be a long month and a half waiting for him... 

In the mean time, help me raise a full sponsorship for him!  I am trying to raise $15,000 (how much one of these dogs is worth at the end of training) for My Angel With Paws.  As a puppy raiser, I pay for all my puppy's needs for the first year and a half of his life.  This includes spaying or neutering, food, toys and treats.  I view it as my way to give back to the world.  I am trying to raise $15,000 so Ice is fully sponsored.  I will still donate my time and money to raise him so the money from the sponsorship that is usually reserved for the puppy raiser will go directly to My Angel With Paws to help with other things such as food for the dogs in advanced training, puppy birthing costs and hip x-rays.

The other part of the sponsorship will go to help with the final training and placement of Ice with his forever partner.  

Go to my GoFundMe page where you can make a one time donation or a monthly donation.  It is fully tax deductible and will be so greatly appreciated!

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