Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Completely blown away!

Since I made Ice's fundraising page public a week ago a lot of amazing things have happened!  In one week we have raised $2,060.  WOW!  The breakdown of that:

$780 from GoFundMe
$250 from check donations

AND a wonderful, fantastic, there aren't enough words to describe their generosity, donor has pledged to match any donation I get for Ice up to $7,500.  That means if I raise $7,500, they will donate $7,500 and Ice will be fully sponsored.

I can't thank the people who have already donated enough.  I am completely blown away by your support.

A couple questions and comments I hope to clear up that I have heard from various people:

Question: Do I have to donate by GoFundMe or can I give you a check?
Answer: You are more than welcome to donate by check! Please make it payable to "My Angel With Paws" and either give it to me or send me an email at and I will tell you where to send it.

Question: I want to donate but can only give a small amount and feel silly doing that
Answer: Please don't feel silly.  A small amount is fantastic.  The fact that you want to donate at all is fantastic.  Plus your donation will automatically be doubled by the matching donor!

Question: I want to hug and kiss Ice before I donate.
Answer: He comes to Illinois at the end of April and is available for hugging and kissing.  If you are currently in Florida you can hug and kiss him (and his brother and sisters) at the MAWP facility.

Question: Is there really a donor that will match my donation?  
Answer: Yes there is!  I am not making it up.  I haven't confirmed with them if they want their name public so I am keeping it private at the moment.

If you have any other questions about Ice, service dogs or donating please ask!

Ice: 6 weeks old

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