Friday, May 4, 2012

Going to Florida

Serena and I are currently at O'Hare airport waiting for our flight to Florida. I used my dads frequent flyer miles to get a free ticket to go get Serena temperament tested at the My Angle With Paws facility. They are hosting a temperament test and it sounds great! I don't really know what they will test but I will let you know. If Serena passes we get a certificate and she gets a title after her name. So far, today has been interesting. I made sure to get to the airport freakishly early. This was the first time that I didn't have to check in Serena beforehand. While booking my flight, American Airlines had an option for traveling with a service dog. They called me a week before my flight to confirm I would have a dog and then transferred my seat to bulkhead. All I had to do was print out my boarding pass! It was so weird being able to walk right into the airport and go to security. I am used to sitting in line for an hour then arguing with people until I get a seat. The line for security was super long so I was prepared to wait for awhile. Next thing I know, a lady pulls me aside into a special assistance line. I walked through security with Serena in a stay then called her to me through the scanner. Her collar always sets the scanner off so I always tell TSA that they can pat her down. Sometimes the TSA agents don't know what they can do to a dog so to save them the questioning I just tell them to pat her down. They sent me to a guy and instead of patting her down he swabbed my hands. I passed the swab and he sent me on my way. Then he realized he should have checked serena and her vest pockets. Whoops dude! I opened her pockets and showed that she wasn't carrying anything illegal. I was trying not to laugh at how I knew the procedure better than he did. Serena and I then walked to our gate and have been chilling for awhile. Our plane leaves in about 45 min!

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