Saturday, December 24, 2011

Walmart... EEEEEP!

Victor had to get a few last minute things for Christmas yesterday so Darby and I tagged along to our neighborhood Walmart. Usually I only bring the dogs in there in the morning when it isn't crowded but since I wasn't the one shopping I figured I could control Darby and fight off people running up and trying to pet him.  Darby was really excited at first and every time we would stop he didn't understand that he just had to settle and wait for me to move again.  I kept putting back in a sit and he kept getting back up so finally I told him to down and put my foot on the leash so that if he got back up he would have nowhere to go:

This did wonders for him.  He settled right down and chilled out.  He navigated  through the store very well with only a few attempts at getting stuff off the floor and trying to go say hi to people.  His biggest problem is focus in busy situations but for 8 months old I am very happy with him.  Also I can get his attention right back with a squeaky toy squeaker or a  treat so I have a feeling in no time he will start ignoring surrounding things.  

He got a little freaked out in the check out lane.  The little girl behind us was jumping up and down and screaming trying to get him to come to her and she got more and more neurotic when he didn't.  He tried to get up and leave the situation but wasn't very committed with running away.  He kind of just got up from his down and went to take off but then looked at me for guidance.  I let him do a front so I was between him and the girl and he liked that better.  When we left the Walmart and all took a deep breath he was so very proud of himself and pranced around the parking lot.  I, on the other hand, was absolutely exhausted from watching him at all times and making sure the experiences was a good one!

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