Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thankful for balls of sunshine fur

As I sit here with Serena and Darby happily chewing on their bones or toys or (hopefully not) my underwear, I am content.  They are like balls of sunshine fur.  I am amazed at how they are so adaptable and just go with the flow.  I can learn a lot from my dogs.  Here are 10 things in no particular order:

10. When life gives you rain, play in the puddles until you are a horrible muddy mess and are so very happy about it.
9. Sometimes a good day includes lying on the couch and daydreaming out the window
8.  Your best friend in the whole wide world can be a Chihuahua.  Sure you might be an awkward couple but damn you have fun together so who cares.
7. Always be happy to see the ones you love no matter if they just went to the store or have been gone for a week.
6. The simple things in life are really good
5. Forgive people
4. Everyday is a new adventure
3. You might be 55 pounds but you can plot to take over the world
2. The best way to wake someone up is to throw yourself on them and then lick them crazily
1. You might not speak the local language but if you have a good attitude about it you might actually learn something.  And maybe even get a treat in the process!

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