Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MAWP takes over Chicago

My Angel With Paws had an awesome weekend in Chicago.  Val, Deb, Cassie, Anthony and Danii came up from Florida to join us at the Disability Pride Parade.  On Friday we were tourists and took a train into the city for the day.  

The MAWP crew in Union Station:

We first went to the Shedd Aquarium because it was rainy and yucky out. It was super crowded (wow) but all the dogs handled it well and I really thought it was a great experience for all the dogs to handle.  Serena and Darby were wonderful.  Serena loved trying to catch the fish in the tank while Darby was scared of the big ones.  

Serena and Darby outside the Shedd and Darby next to the otter tank:

After the Shedd we made our way to Giordano's for a deep dish pizza dinner.  We had 8 dogs under the table and no one in the restaurant knew they were there.  So proud of our MAWP dogs.  It is really important that no one knows they are under the table as a lot of people don't like dogs in restaurants.  

Little Einstein wanted to check out the menu:

After dinner we made our way over to the Sears/Willis Tower.  Once again they graciously sponsored our group and took us up to the ledge with a private tour.  It is their busiest season right now so they took us up the back way so we didn't have to wait in line (AMAZING).  When we got up to the 103 floor we found that they had reserved an entire SkyBox for US!  It was freaking awesome.  The dogs all behaved so well and we think we broke a record with 8 dogs on the Ledge.  

 Serena looking down over the city:

Darby being brave:

Einstein, Eli and Darby; the future of MAWP:

Sofie, Eli, Darby, Einstein, Riley, Serena, Bianca and Bauer:

On Saturday we woke up nice and early and got to the city for the 8th annual Disability Pride Parade.  We had quite a MAWP crowd!  We marched all the dogs in the parade and made many people smile.  We then set up a booth after and answered questions and let people pet the puppies and dogs.  It was an amazing day and we can't wait until next year!

Darby manning the MAWP booth:

Kaylee and Einstein & Dario and Eli having fun talking to people about MAWP:

Darby was super tired after his long day being a celebrity: 

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  1. Do you have a relative in Portsmouth, NH? I met someone at an Ice Cream place (Lagos)when I had my Seeing Eye puppy, Wilma. She said she had a niece or sister who raised service dogs, and one named Serena had a documentary made about her. When I searched Serena and service dogs I found you. Did I track down the right person?
    Cate Kastriner (find me on fb to respond :))


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