Saturday, September 11, 2010

Random Bits and pieces

Serena is becoming an adult.  The past couple of weeks I am realizing she is becoming more patient and willing to sit around more.  She still has TONS of energy but she seems to control it better.   She tolerates a lot of things now like:

What a party animal!

With the good weather slowly coming to an end, we have been trying to get out more and explore things.  We went to a forest preserve the other day and she showed me that she really is a labrador.  She bounded through the grasses and ran around chasing things.  Of course she found the biggest stick she could and proudly carried it around:

Afterwards she was one tired puppy (for about an hour then she was ready to go again)

I never knew how much fun it was exploring nature with a labrador retriever.  A completely different experience!

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