Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fair fair fair!

Serena and I drove down to join My Angel with Paws at the Will County Fair a couple Saturday's ago.  We spent 12 hours there doing demos and educating the public.  Serena was a demo machine!  By the end she was opening up the fridge, grabbing a can, bringing it to me in a wheel chair, then going back and closing the fridge.  People LOVED this which meant more donations which is what we really need.  It also shut up the stupid boys that would say "haha can she get me a can of beer haha *snicker*." and I would say actually yes she can.  They would stand there with their mouths open in shock.

Another favorite demo we did was the light switch.  Gary, another puppy raiser, built this awesome free standing light with a switch at the dog's level.  It would go on and off like a real light in a house.  Serena knows how to pull down the switch and Shay, a labradoodle, knows how to turn it on.  So we teamed them up and together they turned the light on and off, on and off, on and off.  People loved that too!  So funny.

By the end of the day both Serena and I were EXHAUSTED but it was so worth it.  We hope to have a booth at the Lake County fair next year to get more people up here to volunteer.

Serena got to meet goats for the first time:

Bauer and Serena sharing an ice cream cone:

Serena, Bauer and Shay, the Saturday group of puppies in training.  Serena is 14 months, Bauer 6 months and Shay is 17 months. Serena is the smallest!

Serena made tons of new friends:

Not Serena but Bauer is so freaking cute I couldn't resist.  He put himself in front of the fan and it was blowing his ears out like a model shoot:

I can't wait to do another thing like this!  Doing demos and talking to people about MAWP was so much fun!

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  1. Does Bauer have any siblings that are up for adoption? Too cute!!


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