Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ice's big day out

My dad and I had to run a couple errands today so Ice came along.  First stop was Home Depot to get stuff to update the kitchen.  We looked at drills then went to find new handles or knobs.  Ice thought I was taking too long to decide and got comfy by frogging out...

Frogging out in the hardware aisle
 Then we went and got some paint for the cabinets.

Patiently waiting for our paint

He then helped me pick out paint brushes and carried them to the checkout for me.

You can do it, Ice can help

Ice then helped carry a bag to the car.  He was such a good boy!

Next stop was PetSmart to get Ice and Serena food.  Ice was very interested in the birds. He really wanted to be this one's friend.  

He also did really good seeing other dogs who were barking and lunging all over the place.  His hair went up but and "leave it" and "watch me" was enough to get him to focus back on me.  After getting Ice food we went to get me a smoothie at Jamba Juice.  He was super happy to be there.

After being so good in all three stores Ice was wiped out and got comfy in the car on the way to the barn.  And by comfy I mean this:

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  1. Glad to see you posting again. Ice is so cute, I love that last picture!


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