Thursday, January 31, 2013

A new beginning

It is official! I will be getting a new puppy at the end of April. They were born January 28, 2013.  8 puppies, 2 boys and 6 girls.  I will be taking one of the boys.  I don't know which one yet but I am sure whichever one I get he will be awesome!

Here are the parents:

Eagle, the father, and his new family

Cleo and 7 of the puppies (the 8th hadn't been born yet)

Fun fact!  Cleo is one of the puppies Sarah and I drove down to Florida a little over 2 years ago.  Amazing how things come around full circle.  Here she is as a puppy:

The one all the way on the right is Cleo

Far right again

Sarah and Cleo

One of these was her, don't remember which one!
I have a name in mind but will officially announce it when I hear which male is mine.  This litter is the "I" litter so all puppies will be named with names starting with I.  

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