Thursday, April 19, 2012

Darby turns 1!

My little yellow ball of sunshine turned 1 on Monday! I, of course, threw him a mini birthday party.  Darby's birthday unfortunately was the day before taxes were due so he didn't get a huge party but he seemed happy with his quick celebration before I had to run off to work.  

First we had to take pictures with his birthday hat...

He thought I was a little silly doing this

He tolerates me oh so well

Before cake we opened presents.  He was curious about the stuff inside the bag but really was more interested in the treats I was holding.

So after presents I pulled out his birthday cake...

Darby making a wish
Wondering why I am not letting him eat his cake
I allowed him to lick the frosting a little

Serena was then allowed to join the party.  She was not too happy that she had to wear a hat.
Then they each got to eat their slice!  (Though Darby snarfed his down and snarfed most of Serena's)

 I can't believe that Darby is already 1!  We are more than halfway done with his training.  My little man is growing up!

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