Friday, August 26, 2011

Dog Park Adventures

Last Monday we took Darby and Serena to the Lake County Dog Park off of Independence Grove.  It was a perfect day for the park!  Serena knows where we are the moment we turn into the driveway.  She gets all excited and won't sit still.  Darby has no clue what is going on but since Serena is excited he thinks he should be too.

First we walk through the woods.  The path borders a small lake so the dogs go into the lake while we walk around the edge.  It makes for super happy puppies.

We then cut off to the Des Plaines River and explore that area.  This time we hiked up a little stream that connects to the river and went exploring.  The dogs thought it was super cool that we were hiking up a path made of water.

Some parts we a little deep for Darby so he turned into a water monster and swam. 

Serena thought it was more fun to hop over logs in the stream than go under them:

While exploring the stream, Serena found a little path up the hill.  It opened up onto a random grassy trail.  It was so very pretty!!

After exploring up the stream, through the field and down the river, we continued our hike around the dog park.  We met a bunch of other dogs so Serena and Darby ran and ran and ran.

Darby was stalking Serena:

The dogs were super tired and super happy when we got back to the car.  What a great Monday!

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